South End

South End is an area that sits just south of the Back Bay area and to the northwest of South Boston. This Boston neighborhood was once a tidal marsh but with the filling of the Back Bay along north and west Washington Street and South Bay along the south and east of Washington Street, South End was developed. South End was one of the first areas to be developed following the landfill and was built before the Back Bay area. The majority of the South End area had already been developed prior to the American Civil War.

The South End area contains many cross streets that have been named after the cities and towns that were served by the Boston and Albany Railroad hence the street names Netwon, Dedham, Brookline and Wareham as well as many others. South End features two very prominent streets: Washington Street and Tremont Street. Washington Street was the original connecting street between Roxbury and Boston and Tremont Street is well known for the many concert halls located on this street in Boston's Theatre District.

South End rentals are typically Queen Anne style houses and row houses that were built during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Rentals in South End range in a large price range from under $1,000 to well over $3,000 depending on the size of the rental and amenities that are offered. South End does offer subsidized housing complexes as well so there is a number of low income, publicly owned rentals in South End as well.

Residents of South End are typically very diverse. The area has been dominated by the Irish, Lebanese, Jewish and African American community over the years. Today the South End area is still a very diverse mix of culture, ethnicity and race. Residents are also diverse in terms of financial status as well with many being of the wealthy or rich sector and equally many more being poor.

South End offers much to do in terms of eating and of course, shopping. South End cuisine is largely mixed especially because of the diverse and very eclectic mix of residents in the area. Many of the retail shops and stores located in South End are geared toward the upper middle class. The area has a growing number of manicure and pedicure shops, stores that cater to wealthy dog owners, specialty food stores and high end men and women's clothing stores.